Fundraising Info 

The PTO helps our school purchase technology, programs and materials that are not in the school's budget. This year we are raising money for New Playground Equipment and so much more! 


Do you want to know why we fundraise AND where the money goes? You should : )
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How it's done...

Teachers, families and local businesses work together to accomplish these goals by:

  • Eating out on Spirit Nights (Restaurant nights)
  • Buying Spirit Wear
  • Participating in our school's FUNdraisers
  • Donating online
  • Saving and bringing in Box Tops for Education
  • Shopping at certain local and national retailers


Dear Copeland families, 

We are sending you a special message today with a presentation that our awesome fundraising chair, Laurie Alexander, put together. We want you to know our current situation!

The largest piece of equipment on our playground has been condemned. For our students, this means no more sliding on the big slides or running across the bridge or hanging out playing on this large play structure that they so enjoy! The kids are not allowed on it, and this summer it will be removed, whether we have something to replace it or not.

We do still have our swings and our new equipment we purchased a few years ago. However, the largest piece of equipment is no longer in use. The cost to replace this piece of equipment will likely exceed $110,000. We are currently budgeted and on track to carry $52,000 into next year for equipment. This means likely another full year AT LEAST of fundraising before even being able to order equipment. 

Did you know that schools get NO FUNDING from the state for playground equipment?!?


Our PTO Board is working hard to explore options for grants from businesses, municipal utility districts in our communities, and many more avenues to assist in our fundraising efforts, but the reality is that it falls to our families! In our fundraiser that starts this Wednesday, if every student raised just $100, we would be able to easily afford the replacement playset and be able to consider purchasing more shade canopies for the playground! We know $100 is significant. However, if we explain the school's situation to friends, family, neighbors, employers, neighborhood businesses, coaches, and more, you might be surprised how many people are willing to help! 

On that note, if you own a business and are looking for some great ways to lower your business taxes owed, donations are a great way to do so! Consult with your tax professional to see what the impact could be for a donation to the PTO for this effort. We can provide you with a receipt from our non-profit organization!


We are simply begging everyone for some really amazing effort with this fundraiser. We really would love to have the new equipment ready for our kids in the fall! And I know our AMAZING community can do it. Let's work together to get this done!


I should mention that there will be some really fun incentives from the company we are partnering with AND from Copeland admin and staff to help get everyone excited. We hope you'll join hands with us to make this effort an overwhelming success!


Thank you, as always, for your amazing support and involvement in our Copeland community!


PTO Fundraiser Presentation 



Valerie Effinger

Copeland PTO President


Thanks for all you do to make our school great!


Upcoming Events

Volunteer of the Month 

Who will be the Volunteer of the Month? Every month we honor the volunteer who has logged the most hours working for our kids. It is our way of thanking our hard-working VIP's. This honor gets your picture in the Horseshoe Review, a feature on, our undying gratitude, and most importantly a reserved parking spot right up close in the school's front parking lot!

Brandy Clark

Brandy Clark is our Volunteer of the Month! 

She is the head of our school's Science Resource Center activities and the kids' favorite 'snake lady'. 

Thank you so much Brandy for everything you do for our school!