Spirit Nights

Support our Copeland Colts at any of our various Spirit Nights. What are Spirit Nights? They are when we partner with neighborhood restaurants and business. All you have to do is frequent that business the day of our Spirit Night, tell them you are there to support Copeland Elementary and our school gets money back for your purchase. The funds collected go back to support our Colts. It's that easy! 



Upcoming Events

Volunteer of the Month 

Who will be the Volunteer of the Month? Every month we honor the volunteer who has logged the most hours working for our kids. It is our way of thanking our hard-working VIP's. This honor gets your picture in the Horseshoe Review, a feature on CopelandPTO.org, our undying gratitude, and most importantly a reserved parking spot right up close in the school's front parking lot!

Brandy Clark

Brandy Clark is our Volunteer of the Month! 

She is the head of our school's Science Resource Center activities and the kids' favorite 'snake lady'. 

Thank you so much Brandy for everything you do for our school!